When did we lose the ability to look forward with eagerness to an imagined future joy? Was it when we entered the instant gratification phase of our culture? The “we want everything and we want it right now” phase?

When did we lose the eagerness to learn new things? Was it when we had entertainment round the clock on television, Walkman and computer and trivial chatter bombarded us 24/7 until sensory overload began shutting down all nerve endings?

When did we reach a point where eagerness for life and living became so depleted we must take pills in order to greet an new day, more pills to endure the night? When did a “good morning world, what have you got in store for me today” attitude get replaced with a “what’s good about it-just another ho-hum day for me” attitude?

Was it when we lost touch with nature and the seasons? Wrapping ourselves in the comfort of artificial climate, artificial light, eating artificial and altered food, watching artificial lives on a movie screen, getting angry about little things that don’t affect us personally while we ignore big things that do?

Have we lost our zest, our eagerness for living because we have created an artificial world with little substance–like those children’s juice boxes that promote the idea they are made with real fruit but if we read the fine print and see they are only 10% real juice, while non-nutritional substances make up the other 90%.

I’ll admit I wasn’t eager to start an essay about eagerness but now that I have finished it I find I am eager to hear whatever comments or arguments you might be eager to share.

Dorothy Hamm 2010


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