Happy Birthday Glen Campbell

Someone said that today is Glen Campbell’s birthday. 


I was one of those Glen Campbell fans who:

    bought all his records in the 60s…

    sat rapt in front of the box when his TV show was on the air…

    marveled at his guitar mastery…

    felt a sense of pride that a fellow Arkansan had achieved his level of recognition.

Some time ago, I read, with deep sadness, that he had developed Alzheimer’s.

Two years ago, along with my daughter-law-Kimmie & New Zealand’s hall of fame guitarist Gray Bartlett & his wife Trish,
I sat 3 or 4 rows behind Glen and his wife at the CMT Awards at the Bridgestone arena in Nashville, TN.  (Thank you Piney ♥)

This past week I read that he had been moved to a care facility.

I don’t have to tell anyone what a great guitarist or singer he was, and, I hope, still is. 
He also picked some pretty good people to showcase on his TV show, John Hartford & Jerry Reed for instance. 

And he introduced all those wonderful Jimmy Webb songs. 

Here is Glen, looking and and sounding prime, singing Paul McCartney’s “Mull of Kintyre” and playing the bagpipes in 1981 clip from the Merv Griffin Show: 

Thank you for the music, Glen.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. restless42 says:

    I join you in wishing Glen a Happy Birthday.

    1. missourichild says:

      Thank you dear Res.

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