Inside a Colorful Mind…Paintings & Poems by Kimmie Hamm

About Kimmie Hamm

When I end up with paint spatters on me, I feel that I have had a good day.

One of Kimmie’s clients told her she had a very colorful mind and it does seem an apt description for this Texas artist who has said she can never quite replicate, on paper or canvas, the colorful images she sees in her mind.  Communications specialist Jayne Lybrand described her work as “art deco blended with technical fusion.”  Another aspect to Kimmie’s work are the stories her paintings bring with them, stories she may not have imagined when she started the painting.  

I have gathered samples of  Kimmie’s work, along with   some of her thoughts on how they go from mind to canvas, or paper, and even some wearable art in collaboration with the Vida company. 

*The featured image is: Rhythms of the Majestic,  water color on paper, 18×24″




I create art because it is a part of me. I am an explorer and optimist at heart who has always had a passion for creativity.  When I hold a brush or pencil I don’t want to mimic the world around me, I want to explore…Possibilities.

Is this Thing Loaded

I am deeply rooted in the beauty and wonderment of nature and love exploring the visions and stories in my mind, everything from a small flower or blade of grass to ancient cliffs and seas to distant unexplored, imagined worlds filled with whimsical creatures and thoughts of what if…


My maternal grandmother said, If you have strong roots your spirit can fly anywhere and still return home.  She has left this physical world but her wisdom remains with me and continues to spark and influence my imagination.


Perhaps the explorer in me comes from my immigrant ancestry. My great grandfather’s family traveled to America on a steam ship in 1874. I can imagine them traveling for what must have seemed like an eternity.  I try imagine what they might have been thinking.  I often try to express their willingness to embrace the unknown, their anticipation of infinite possibilities in my art…Kimberly Klose Hamm 


My vision of an artist's mind. When you look through the eyes and into the mind you see that sometimes an idea takes hold and creates a fire, flames of orange and red spark creativity, riding along with the swirling brainwaves of the thought process. Represented by the color grey, they plant themselves intermittently somewhere between the mundane and the serene.
Fire in the Mind’s Eye 
Oil on Canvas, 18×24
My vision of an artist’s mind
When you look though the eyes and into the mind you see that sometimes an idea takes hold and creates a fire, flames of orange and red spark  creativity, riding along with the swirling  brainwaves of thought process.  Represented here by the color grey, they plant themselves intermittently somewhere between the mundane and the serene.

fire cave painting

Fire CaveOil on Canvas, W 24″ x H 36″

Swirls of color meshing in a cyclone of fire inspired by visions of volcanic caves and stalagmites hidden deep in the earth.  Perhaps a secret magical world where color begins…Kimmie

Fire Cave, translated to a fabric scarf by   Vida. ( )  
fire cave scarf
Dragoness flower
Dragoness Flower Water Color & Pastel on Paper 18×24  

Dragoness Flower     

Protector of the Fire Cave.

The meadow of the royal fortress is hidden deep in woods of Cynemear Shrouded in mystery, this secret magical place provides a gateway to the Fire Cave.  It is where the “Protector,”  disguised as a flower, lives.  The Dragoness Flower and her kind have protected this secret place for millennia.  She is a fierce, courageous warrior beauty whose dedication to her charges is tempered with infinite  kindness and wisdom.




Acrylic, Spray Paint & Pencil on Canvas 18×24″

Future visions of world conflict and a new world order come to mind.  I feel the approaching army.  Here and there, boots thumping the ground in unison.

But not everyone in the city feels the same. Some are proud, some are anguished, some are defiant and some stand in silent disbelief.

Some of the inspiration for this work came from the novel 1984 by George Orwell and an Apple Macintosh commercial from 1984.  These potent images leave me pondering our future…

Go Where Music Takes You

 Go Where Music Takes You

Water Color on Paper

Music takes one to fantastic & fanciful places.  This classical guitar serenades a mermaid & school of fish in the sea.  I see in my mind how sound waves resonate through the water & the mermaid’s hair, causing her to stop & be in the moment allowing her mind to imagine many possibilities.



Nameless, Acrylic on Canvas


Acrylic on Canvas 16×24″

Broken and nameless in life, but restored in heaven

I see rows of nameless graves on a dark road

but ahead in the twilight sky

visions of beautiful music so powerful it begins

to heal the brokenness

creating a place in heaven

and writing a name forever in the book of life.



Piano at Night Sounds of Light
Piano at Night, Sounds of Light


Watercolor on Paper  16×20″

Driven from their land once more, this proud mother and son prepare for their journey.  They dress in their finest colors of orange, blue, yellow and crimson, hopeful and determined to find a land to call their own.








 Links:  Absolute Arts

Kimmies collection on Vida.


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  1. restless42 says:

    Well done Kimmie. Many Congratulations on your success and your style. Good luck with all future designs and ventures. xxx

  2. missourichild says:

    Thank you Res, she is very excited.

  3. pam holland says:

    I love this superior introduction…makes my heart happy!!

    1. missourichild says:

      Thank you.

  4. This is an absolutely delightful to Kimmie & her art! It’s charming and beautiful as is her Mother-in-law! I’m looking forward to seeing some of these creations in person! –Sandra Eddy

    1. missourichild says:

      Sandra, thank you for your friendship and encouragement.

  5. My apologies–My above comment should have the word ‘tribute’ after ‘delightful’!

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