Caribbean Escape

  Tired of winter?  Want to escape to a tropical island somewhere, maybe in the Caribbean?  Let’s go…choose your favorite island and get on board Daydream Express. Be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat. Colors are mirrored on the surface of the Caribbean as a rosy sky prepares for sunrise. The sun needs no further encouragement…

The Test

THE TEST Written and Lived by Doug Lang  The drive from Reykjavik to Snussy, the summer home, takes about two hours, eastward over a mountain pass. That was the easy part, Disa assured me. First we had to stop to visit Disa´s father, Gudmundur, at his place outside Reykjavik. Aagot, his wife, was at work,…

Spring’s Ancient Song Spring sings an ancient song, Southern breeze meets northern wind in clashes loud enough to wake dead trees and daffodils softening, the earth whispers to me. I answer with hoe, shovel, and hope Legacy of a thousand generations past. I am happy. I am grateful. Dorothy Hamm ©2013

A Conversation In Mobile

I was sitting on a bench outside the Mobile airport in Alabama, purse in my lap, suitcase at my feet, enjoying the autumn sun on my face when a small woman with silvery hair and gently lined face asked if she could sit down.  I smiled a welcome, said hello and told her my name….