Eager When did we lose the ability to look forward with eagerness to an imagined future joy? Was it when we entered the instant gratification phase of our culture? The “we want everything and we want it right now” phase? When did we lose the eagerness to learn new things? Was it when we had…

A Conversation In Mobile

I was sitting on a bench outside the Mobile airport in Alabama, purse in my lap, suitcase at my feet, enjoying the autumn sun on my face when a small woman with silvery hair and gently lined face asked if she could sit down.  I smiled a welcome, said hello and told her my name….

A Modern Fairy Tale

One day, as I was telling the Red Riding Hood story to my friend’s young daughters, I realized I did not want to teach these young girls that a wood chopper, or someone else,  would always be nearby to rescue them from wolves.  So, I changed the story a bit…DH Not So Little Red Riding Hood…

Hello world!

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